Toledo Roto-Rooter - Toledo Sewer Cleanout Installation

Toledo Roto-Rooter can install a 4 or 6 inch cleanout. Some homes either do not have a cleanout access or it is located in a crawl space or basement. Houses with basements usually have a stack line with a cleanout access or the access is in a crawl space. Some homeowners prefer the ease of having an access outside their home so that service technicians do not have to bring equipment down into their basements.

 toledo root destroyer


 Root Destroyer

easy to use - just flush down the toilet twice a year

keeps roots from growing back

will not harm your plants or pipes

$25.00 for 2lbs (6 month supply)



 Pipe Shield

preventive maintenance treatment

keeps clogs caused by organic buildup from forming

eco friendly - will not damage your pipes

$41.00 per gallon (32 applications)