Toledo Pipe Thawing

Toledo Pipe Thawing Service

Are your pipes freezing in this brutal winter weather of 2014? If so then you're at the right place, Toledo Roto-Rooter offers pipe thawing services to the greater Toledo area including Perrysburg, Rossford, Maumee, Sylvania, Monroe, Lambertville and Temperance. If your pipes are frozen we can help whether they have ruptured or not. We can thaw your pipes possibly saving you from more damage. We'll also explain why your pipes are freezing and offer solutions to keep them from freezing again.


Steamer by Toledo Roto-Rooter

As the name implies, this item produces steam, very hot water or a combination of both. It has the ability to deliver water or steam under high pressure to areas of your building where heat will be most effective. The steamer can be used to remove tar or defrost frozen lines from downspouts, scuppers and flat roof drains.

 toledo root destroyer


 Root Destroyer

easy to use - just flush down the toilet twice a year

keeps roots from growing back

will not harm your plants or pipes

$25.00 for 2lbs (6 month supply)



 Pipe Shield

preventive maintenance treatment

keeps clogs caused by organic buildup from forming

eco friendly - will not damage your pipes

$41.00 per gallon (32 applications)