toledo backflow preventer certification

Toledo Backflow Preventer & Certification

Backflow prevention devices are required by state law to be tested and certified. This is required at initial installation, after maintenance or repair, and as a minimum, at least once each year.

Commercial or industrial buildings typically have several devices throughout the plumbing system. Backflow preventers are used to protect the water supply system from contamination. They are an important component in providing safe drinking water to our community. If you have any questions concerning the protection of your water supply system, contact our licensed plumbing technicians. We offer backflow evaluations of your facility; this will identify any deficiencies and ensure compliance with the state laws and regulations.

Residential Backflow Preventers are normally found on lawn sprinkler systems and on the water supply line feeding boilers.


 toledo root destroyer


 Root Destroyer

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 Pipe Shield

preventive maintenance treatment

keeps clogs caused by organic buildup from forming

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