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Toledo Roto-Rooter is proud to be a female owned and operated business. Hi I'm Mrs. Lonnie Fleck, President & Owner of Toledo Roto-Rooter.  For five generations we have been serving the plumbing and drain needs of N.W. Ohio and S.E. Michigan. We have Ohio and Michigan licensed plumbers on staff with the right equipment to efficiently analyze your problems or needs. So your work gets done without a lot of guesswork, and that saves you money. We believe the most important job is the next one. And if that's yours we're ready for your call!

We offer Commercial Plumbing services, Residential Plumbing services, Backflow Certification Testing,  Monthly Drain and Grease Trap Maintenance Programs and Trenchless Pipe Repairs to Lucas County, Monroe County and parts of Wood County. If our website doesn't answer your plumbing, drain, sewer, backflow certification testing or grease trap question(s) please call us at your earliest convenience, we would appreciate any opportunity to answer your plumbing questions.

Toledo Roto-Rooter is a customer oriented local business, delivering professional quality service. Our goal is to provide quick and efficient service. To do so, we maintain a sizable staff of professional customer service representatives, drain technicians and licensed plumbers to service your every drain and plumbing need.


 toledo root destroyer


 Root Destroyer

easy to use - just flush down the toilet twice a year

keeps roots from growing back

will not harm your plants or pipes

$25.00 for 2lbs (6 month supply)



 Pipe Shield

preventive maintenance treatment

keeps clogs caused by organic buildup from forming

eco friendly - will not damage your pipes

$41.00 per gallon (32 applications)